Thing 16 – Collaboration Tools

I seem to have failed here again!

I could not open the document on my iPad to comment although I do appreciate the usefulness of the tool.

The only group I am part of outside school has not up to now used doodle but maybe we will in future.

I suspect both tools have future applications for me as and when I am involved in future collaborative work.

Another set of tools worth being aware of, if not applicable at this stage.


3 thoughts on “Thing 16 – Collaboration Tools

  1. Hi Heather, apologies for not seeing this post sooner. Do you have an app downloaded onto your ipad that you can open the document in? otherwise it wont open for you. I find google docs works best as it functions the same as Word. hope this helps.


    1. Thank you – will have to look further.

      I have given up on the course as the school term has been very busy. I am hoping
      to catch up again over half term. I hope you are managing to keep up better than me.


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